King Krule Free Album Stream: 6 Feet Beneath the Moon

King Krule, the London singer-songwriter who has been hailed as one to watch since 2011 is finally releasing an album on 24th August, the date of his nineteenth birthday. You can catch a live stream of the record on his website from now until the release date. He comes across as a unique mash-up of a Victorian scamp and an underground ‘gangsta’ hero and his music is equally beguiling and entrancing. Give it a listen to see what all the fuss is about.

King Krule (real name, Archie Marshall) sounds like a character more likely to be seen bouncing off pavements than laying down jazz-rap over dub rhythms.

Weapons at Your Fingertips: Digital Music

What makes a successful musician? I always imagined it was someone who was so good at an instrument that thousands of people all pay copious amounts to see them play live, or download their tracks, or ask them to sign their album covers, etc.

Top Five Sci-fi Books To Read

There are many noteworthy Sci-fi novels, however there are some that gave had more impact than others. The five books chosen for this list are all classics in their own right.

1. 1984 - 1984 is a prophetic dystopian novel written by George Orwell and published in 1949.

6 Books That Were Turned Into Movies

Whether visiting the cinema or settling onto the sofa at home, watching a good movie is something most of us enjoy. We can all name famous book-to-movie conversions (just think of Harry Potter!) but here are 6 books